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TOKYO / HONG KONG – A Chinese internet group said Thursday they will test unloaded deliveries with Japanese counterparts Rakuten, and they hope to do so; take a first step in expanding its engineering industry internationally.

China's biggest export company offers dispositives – drones and carriages with inexpensive cameras equipped with self-directed cameras and sensors – to Rakuten, who will use them to deliver a milestill delivery test in in Japan. operates more than 100 drones and 50 non-drifting land vehicles in China, according to Xiao Jun, who is a leading company of a company robot.

Although this delivery is usually in rural areas and deprivation, JDs may be valuable in Japan, whereby stopping public exam test exams in the fiscal year.

Rakuten aims to measure its own distribution infrastructure on Amazon, and will see untranslated delivery as a means of dealing with increasing logistics costs. The Japanese online services team is aiming to run exams using on private property robots later this year. Rakuten also develops its own fleet of smaller delivery bridges.

"We'd like to use the best hardware," said Koji Ando, ​​a director that led by Rakuten's executive officer. "'s delivery experience is already in China, and its technology is more advanced." does not have a business in Japan, and its work in the country has focused on introducing Japan products into China. In China, has introduced semi-advanced lighthouses and supermarkets, as well as restaurants that use robots for cooking and a & # 39 ; serving food.

"This is our first partnership with a Japanese company," said Xiao. "There will be more, and will be expanded into areas such as resources and sales."

But robots to Japan may explore their collective abilities. In December, Japan led a direct ban on Huawei Technologies from a manufacturer of Chinese telecommunications devices from government contracts.

Xiao commented that actions under the Rakuten collection, which compile a comprehensive mapping technology are fully mapped by Rakuten.

"We just give results," he said. "We are aware that companies have data security policies."

The move comes as Chinese e-commerce companies; affecting slow home economics.

With a 16.3% market share, will guide Alibaba Group Holding, a Chinese export leader, who will Manages more than half a market, according to eMarketer. But some surveyors expect that gap to be larger when the Chinese economy is experiencing cooling and customers look for cheaper things on the platform at Alibaba & Taobao at, which is well-known for being a & selling very good materials. has also opted a competition arising from a Pinduoduo Number 3 player, which holds 5.2% of China's e-commerce market and its output. Consumer customer targets are cost-effective.

Some early signs have fallen down. Last week, said he will complete 10% of the senior manager in 2019. He raised a " The company reported an income of 104.8 billion yuan ($ 15.6 billion) for the fourth July of September, which fell sharply with analysis estimates. refused to comment on whether a slower place had grown in the layoffs.

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