Kubica's return to the Formula One festival is really good

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is ​​a two-hour server that welcomes Formle One on Fernando Alonso. The only problem that nobody is talking about is.

It was said that this was his weekend, the big prix that would not have the sport's choice but to get out of his length and time; as he marched out to the Arabian sunset; find a new soil.

But it's been even troubling & # 39; In the weekend, and after another highly talented season in which he fell so often in the middle of the park's back, Alonso is later rescued behind the story most important at F1 final weekend.

The reason? Robert Kubica is back.

On Thursday Williams he sent to the Yas Marina hurricane that Kubica, the current driver of development and current driver, will continue to become a full-time race city in 2019 with George Russell, who the real form of Formula Two.

The news came out that eight years ago Kubica was spent in Formula One specifically, but in fact it is more important that the different time of taking – next to a revival tour for her & Pole after a rabbit crash dramatically changed on 6 February 2011.

Kubica was fortunate to flee from Ronde di Andora smash to his life. So, it's cruel to & # 39; damaged on his right arm, which was partially split when he stopped his car, thought he could never race in single seats again .

But Robert was crucial to prove that the prognosis was wrong. He returned to rallying in 2013, and when he learned to drive his new corporate constraints, he returned his mind to Formula One.

A series of test tests for the past season, especially with a GP3 car, which has no power control, which suggests that it could actually work within smart machines, and midseason F1 test with Renault puts it into the framework for reaching an awareness in 2018.

But the French maker declined, however, and when Williams did the same after a season after Sergey Sirotkin seized, it seemed to have been a bit short of what would have been be one of the long-term fun entertainments – until Thursday in Abu Dhabi Post-

After a year, help to & # 39; Many of Williams's car problems were diagnosed and included several Friday evening sessions, Kubica was ready to return.

"It's a long way to get to this point, but because that challenge is now coming to an end with this call, A new challenge begins to work with Williams on the way, "he said. "The next episode of the next F1 grid is one of the biggest achievements in my life."

F1 tenancy fans have at four Kubica seasons to & # 39; Understand that the wooden mirror is about more than just the time it has taken to bring it back to its head; the 33-year-old was one of the highest drivers on his generation. And on the weekend Fernando Alonso leaves out of Formula One, it's hard to go to # 39; Drawing differences between the Spanish and its rivalry who were afraid of everyone else.

Both, both of them, have a reputation – the two are famous for their very pure distance, and both feel very hard. There is a lack of money that represents the talents, even if it's not. taking into account Alonso's titles.

Certainly, the two drivers involved connecting a path. Ferrari was signed to Kubica as a team of Alonso team in 2012, just for the rally crash to make it hard what would have been a bad connection. Affecting the long-term Kubica results of Ferrari – with Alonso a team company, & # 39; surrendered by the team following the influence of Fernando to McLaren and then managing the Scuderia to the current success in the turbo-hybrid time – it has been the thinking habits F1 long ago.

Podium Formula One

Robert Kubica on the podium back in 2010. (Photograph AP / Yves Logghe)

There is also a likelihood as well as the ability, as one person enters the sport just as the other is leaving, Alonso is a " seeks new challenges outside the characteristics of Formula One for the same reason. Kubica's willingness to return has been so powerful: both Robert and Robert are unnaturally wanting to prove that their game is true.

This can not be done by Formle One competition, but both have to make clear goals. Alonso attempts to win Indianapolis 500 to win the final crown of the triple electric motorsport crown, celebrating his name in racing history, and Kubica's use is a bit unlikely to confirm his name in the sport for good.

But for the same thing that gives a high level of interest to the news, there is one key issue; Difference leaving the weekend at a & # 39; finally at the end.

Although the Spanish player has left the sport something very hard after four seasons to be left with McLaren's lack of competitiveness and with his dream of the third-world title that has not been achieved, Kubica has a & # 39 ; Give Form One a chance to believe that peace-making can come true.

"This is a story, maybe no one has believed," said Kubica. "We all knew that this might not be possible.

"Today shows that, in any way, nothing is impossible."

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