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Man Spider-Man: Shots off the Home to MWC 2019 with permission from 5G and Oculus VR


You will use the Oculus controller to burn a web server in this VR experience.

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I move through Manhattan, a & # 39; Burn my nets at flats, buildings and – unknowingly – a tree branch. I get a bit of a height and height and a & # 39; start flying through the town.

It's definitely a feeling to & # 39; carrier of the subway.

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Spider-Man VR allows you to kill devices with 5G


Although this real-world world brings me in New York, I am going to see it. Stand in Barcelona at the MWC wireless trade show. I am in the Intel device, which uses Oculus Rift and its & # 39; Trying to experience VR connected to the upcoming Marvel and Sony movie, Spider-Man: Far From Home. Unfortunately, it was created specifically for the people here at MWC.

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Look at the MWC Microsoft Hololens 2 demo


It's not just a bit of a kill-kill – right, it's pretty much – but to shows how a VR game can work with a multi-player part that runs over a 5G network. When I climb through the town, I'm going to; another person was defeated in a second Oculus Rift that put 3,800 feet away at the Nokia device.

The display point is proof of a low 5G presence, or a daily response that current 4G networks can not represent. It is one of a number of dinosaurs that show 5G capabilities. A subject has been on & # 39; affecting the show as companies that fall down on their own; Try to explain how technology will change the next generation of your life.

5G Mini Networks

After all, this exhibition is shaped by a number of companies. show 5G phones and send small networks in their huts.

That was the case with this demo. Intel installed the Oculus Rift and PC and connects it to radio, which generates and obtains data from the 5G basic station; hanging over her hut. Given that the equality center does not allow these 5G network distribution to be distributed outside a hut, Nokia has played a fiber physical connection with an Intel device.

Therefore the real distance between the central station and the VR setting tends to be 20 feet or so.

The 5G radio using a 28Ghz spearm base is higher, which is good for speed, but bad for a range of expansion. In this cottage, however, there was no speed.

Moving through Manhattan

The Spider-Man knowledge was created by Sony and was designed specifically for the show.

The game allows you to run or move through the home with the aim of being & # 39; hitting your enemy. You can press any button for jumping, but the main move is to keep the device down on fire. Whenever it is & # 39; link, you will turn your hand back to make the swing.

The first thing I had was to; running rough, and I always ran into the walls or lost my targets, and # 39; falling down the street. It's something difficult to grow a little again.

But I got more knowledge of the controls in my second run, and I was smoking. competition easily. I got the best to focus on where the net would be killed, and how to keep the move off; going from one side to another.

Even when I was in the middle of the information, I thought this would be done. grow old quickly, because it was the only challenge. Find items to connect your site, and sometimes focus on yellow things such as caterpillars for rapid growth.

I left the course in about 3 minutes, which an Intel representative said among the fastest hours.

Peter Parker would be proud.

The story was first published at 5 a.m. PT.

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