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Mary Queen of Scotland: Inside her terrible to buy

When Queen Mary of Scotland was depressed, her execution was extremely terrible even with the standards of the 16th century.

Mary was depressed at Fotheringhay Castle on 8 February, 1587, after 19 years imprisonment for her role in a piece to kill his cousin, Queen Elizabeth I.

Mary, who was 44 at the time, was executed on Elizabeth's orders, for her in a place called Plot Babington – a picture led by Roman Catholic lady Anthony Babington.

The letters appear that they were from Mairi that they had killed the cousin of their cousin and, when the letters were found, she was sent to trial for treason.

Elizabeth I, the daughter of Henry VIII and Anna Boleyn, Catrìona de Aragon were newly acquired as the Queen of England, confirming that the king was divorced from the Catholic Church. But many believed that there was no real claim on Elizabeth on his / her; throne because King Henry was married to leave Anna before taking a new wife.

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Catholics watched Mary Stewart as a perfect challenger for the English throne. But he did not expect to be, and instead, Mary was held as a half prisoner in England before he pushed his arm to his head in general & # 39; hanged by a thread, leaving evictions destroyed.

Depending on the evidence of: "Increase his lips out and down a quarter of hours after cutting his head."

The rivalry between the queens is now a subject of the prestigious film Mary Queen of Scots, playing Margot Robbie as Elizabeth and Saoirse Ronan as Mary – the friendship that has become a competition.

Mary corridor to her throne

When she was only six days old, Mary went up to the throne of Scotland in 1542 when her father, King James V. died, was built in the French court and , at the age of 16, married the French Dauphin, who became King Francis II of France in 1559. By 18, Mary was the queen short in both Scotland and France when her husband went up to the king the host.

But his kingdom was not too short because her husband died with an ear disease just a year after the marriage. So Mary was brought back to Scotland to take her place as the monarch of the country.

But after three years in Scotland, Mary had to stop him and escape all over the border to seek shelter in England – where she expected Mrs. Elizabeth welcome her.

Instead, he was imprisoned by his cousin in different castles, where Elizabeth allowed her to stay close to several nobles (loyal to Elizabeth) so they could look after her.

Mary spent the next 19 years moved from one castle to the next man and tried to find out what she could do with her.

During this time there were many places in front of Elizabeth. In 1587, when a letter written by Mary was arrested – with evidence that she wanted to throw her cousin out – Elizabeth decided to terminate her; complained that she was to erase or not, and ordered the death of Mary.

The pointless test

During the exam, Mary did not have any hope because she did not allow any legal representatives. But it was said that she had placed a great spiritual defense, arguing that she was innocent in the cost of her spouse as she was not a subject of the queen of England; a reasoning that can not be kept legal at the expense of the & # 39; court.

But he was defended instead of him, Elizabeth did not show mercy and it was said that Mary was guilty of raid on October 25 and was sentenced to death.

He must have been sorry for Mary because she had to wait several months before Elizabeth called the warrant for her death. He could not be easy for Elizabeth because she did not. Submit a cousin's death warranty as well as a queen.

Despite this, Elizabeth sent his name to a & # 39; death warrant on 1 February 1587, with the destination being done a week later.

A great deal of action

Although there is a very terrible death in today's status, back in the 16th century, it was considered that the option was easy compared to other ways, such as being hanging, dragged and are surrounded.

Elizabeth's mother, Anna Boleyn, was brought to an end with a skilled sword – a special benefit to her former queen.

In England, crime was not considered worse than trying to "#; his betrayal. If you were foolish enough to betray her crown, what kind of death might hers have to expect? It seems to have been hanged, pulled and quartered so badly to die and that it was not special for England, it was used throughout Europe.

Initially, the victim was hanged with his neck, until they were almost dead, then they were put behind a horse for their execution that was "encircled". If you want to make detailed information, you can look up for yourself but clearly, it has meant that people have been cut into a number of pieces, often; start with genitalia.

Mary had not been the worst protection of the worst points but, however, her destination was terrible. He wrote the evidence, Robert Wynkfield, later on execution.

Initially, she had to wrap her door against twelve witnesses. When she came close to her nobility, one of her servants left, so her last moments were in darkness. Witnesses say that his wife would have to go to her; Previously spend a time around her & # 39; block so that she could put her chin, ready for the ax to fall.

Unfortunately, for Mary, it would not be quick and easy to buy. One carer kept it down long and the other took the ax – but lost it, and the blade was not straight through her neck, and sent it away again. It seems that Mary "sounded pretty little or nothing, and that she did not move any part of her from the place she was in bed" during her death.

After two branches, the head of Mary was not finished and so the third was the executioner, to try to cut the "little white one" Tie her neck to her body.

Third time, he was lucky, he raised Mary's head to see and cite all, "God Save His Queen".

Wynkfield also noted that when the spokesman gave Mary's clothes, he noted that the little dog of Mary was hiding under her clothes throughout the gut. It was said that the dog was so sad that he was lying as the blood of a dead master who had made a lump on the floor.

From Wynkfield's notes:

"Then one of the hangers, who dragged her gardens, brought the spirit of a little dog that sank under her clothes, which could not be preserved by a force, but he would not later leave his body dead, but came and lie between his head and his shoulders, which were carried with blood to be taken away and washed, Everything else that had any blood burned or washed clean, and the hangers put rid of money for their taxes. "

Mary, Queen of Scotland was buried in Peterborough Cathedral, but was convicted and buried in Westminster Abbey – just a few meters away from his cousin to kill him.

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