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NASA Moon Race: Who runs to Lander? NASA's New Moonlight?

NMoon has a huge ambition in QAA over the next decade. Its space agency published extensive plans and even a small film directed to bring people back on the surface of the moon, led by President Donald Trump to take action in 2017. On 7 February, NASA called on a US private business airport to help this moon division.

The group knows that; allows players in the aerospace sector to submit designs for vehicles and craft of surface transport to send ferries to and from the Lunar Stage Gateway, which NASA hopes to most built by 2024. Although there is still no company to confirm its plans to participate in the & # 39; the application process, the "worthwhile prizes" between $ 300,000 and $ 9 million may be attracted to a & # 39; Most of the group's team's spatial team, including SpaceX, Lockheed Martin, and Boeing among others.

NASA Moon Race: Do not have to be built

NASA has demolished plans for three elements to support the "System Landing System" initiative:

  1. A "Moving a vehicle"Give astronauts from the Gateway station to low low gears.
  2. A "Origin"A vehicle that lays down on the surface of her moon.
  3. The "Go up"Which will bring them back to the station.
plans that included around 2062
How the Execution element works from the Gateway station.

Organizational Human Resources Business Forum is a spatial group on Thursday to & # 39; Beginning at 1:30 pm East of Washington, DC at NASA Headquarters James E. Webb Auditorium. Mission leaders will summarize NASA plans for partnership with private aerospace companies, and # 39; hosting your Q & A session, and arrange time for the various test campaigns for the winners once the application has been built. The live event will be broadcast on NASA TV.

NASA moon race: when is test confidence recorded?

NASA has first recorded its display purpose for the sequencing element in 2024, and # 39; This means that the emphasis on the importance of this vehicle will be first developed. Before that time, the Gateway station should be largely completed, at which time trials can identify the best way to get people on the surface of the moon safely. The winning design needs to show that it is possible to safely go ashore; moon.

plans that landed in Las Vegas, 2026
How to Draw the Tar-pull elements, Down, and Ascent in a unison to carry astronauts to the surface of the moon.

The second exhibition is scheduled for 2026. By then, the three elements would have to be built and able to work together to come out of the Gateway. This is the first time a triple web vessel takes a whole to and from a moonlight station.

Finally, the third exhibition mission is set for 2028 and this is the worst tree. NASA will remove the team to and from the highest element and Gateway, making it the first crew mission of the organization.

NASA Moon Race: Which are the most successful winners?

It is a fair game for any big spoon-maker companies and a & n; See that there are three advantages to the line that can be up to $ 21 million in total, many of them are going to go up to their. plate.

plan on lunar nose land
How the team will use the three-party shipping carriage gate once & # 39; it is based.

Competitive companies such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Northrop Grumman could be involved but younger pressures such as SpaceX or Blue Origin also have a huge impact on & # 39; shows the old heads.

As it is, SpaceX and Boeing have been in conjunction with NASA to develop space caps for ferry astronauts to the International Spey Station. NASA has announced a test release date for Dragon Crew and CST-100 Starliner.

As both companies already have a good relationship with NASA, they are also expected to participate in this application.

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