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Nigeria & Buhari will win the second term as president: Election Commission

ABUJA (Reuters) – President Niger Muhammadu Buhari's second term was hosted by the economist and African superintendent of oil, the chairman of the Wednesday Election Commission, following a dismissal of election, logistics glitches and violence.

Assistants of Nigeria President, Muhammadu Buhari, who carry APC flags long & as they sign up at a leading Transport hub (APC) headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria, 26 February 2019. REUTERS / Nneka Chile

He influenced Atiku Abubakar's main demand, businessman and vice president. there. Buhari received 56% of the votes, compared with 41 per cent for Atiku, candidate for the Democratic Party of People (PDP).

Buhari's fascinating list, which includes the revitalization of a still-populated economy; struggling to recover from a downturn in 2016 and its influence on a ten years ago Islamic terrorist has killed millions of people in the north-west, many civilians.

Talk to supporters at a business headquarters to & # 39; All-inclusive Transport Party (APC) in Abuja's capital, promised more efforts to address these issues.

"The new administration will reinforce its efforts in security, restructuring the economy and crime crime," he said.

The president won 3.9 million balls, and took Atom's 15.3 million for 11.3 million. Out of the 35.6 out of the election, said a & # 39; a selection commission, which compared with 44 per cent in the 2015 Presidential election.

"Muhammadu Buhari told the APC, after he had described the legal requirement and the highest number of votes, with the winner," said Mahmood Yakubu, chairman of the National Independent Election Commission (INEC ), with election officers and reporters early hours of Wednesday.

A message about Twitter's Twitter showed a few days later on Tuesday calling and the distribution of staff at a campaign office.

"I met our team members very hard, many of them young people, and we were told about the achievements of our party so far in the Presidential Elections. I'm very proud of what has been achieved," he said on Twitter.

Buhari's supporters at the headquarters gathered at party for signing, many of them to & # 39; holding flags and dancing.

"As a Nigerian youth, I think this is the way forward for this country and for my generations and that is why we are choosing to return for the second time , "said Juwarat Abubakar, Buhari supporter.

Again, Osita Chidoka, who was a PDP representative and Atiku nominee, lost the party's position that can not match the result of the election.

"We will examine all options that include a belief that Nigeria's legal process is one of the ways to solve issues," he said.

The Buhari party has said that the challenge was trying to " delete the results from Saturday selection.

The allegations have striven up in a country where six decades of independence are marked by long periods of military government, wars and wars widespread.

Observers from the African Community of the Western African Union, the African Union and the United Nations would like to enjoy all parties. Waiting for the official results, which are expected later this week, before submitting complaints.

The candidate with the majority of votes throughout the country is named as a winner as long as At least one-quarter of their vote is in two thirds of the 36 states of Nigeria and the main city, Abuja. Despite this, the second trip is away.

Buhari had enough votes to meet the two requirements.

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Buhari, 76, was postponed in 2015 and asked for the second term with commitments to fight corruption and review the Nigeria road and rail network.

Atiku, 72, said he would aim to double the size of the economy to $ 900 billion by 2025, and prioritize his & her; state oil company and expand the role of the private sector.

Voting was held after a while during the week the election commission said that it was not possible to obtain ballotts and performance charts to all parts of the country.

The event – the largest democratic exercise in Africa – was also thrown by violence with at least 47 people killed from Saturday, according to the Setting Room, a research group that links different civil society organizations.

Sealladh-inn (7 Images)

Some deaths from decisions came from groups linked to the main parties and police about balloon ballot boxes and voting allegations.

The police have not yet given official injury figures.

Over 260 people were killed since the start of the election campaign in October. The tax to date is lower than in the earlier elections, but the worst misery has occurred only after the results have been published.

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