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Nissan Panel to be praised outside director to chair of the board: Report

The governing committee of Nissan Motor proposes to appoint a director of the outside as a board chair, a place that is different from the chairman of his chairman; company, in a move to boost energy at the highest, Nikkei business statement every day on February 17.

Under the current Nissan corporate contract, the chair of the chair chair is automatically set up to chair a board leader. company, the Nikkei mentioned a source. The previous Chairman, Carlos Ghosn, had completed the two posts before being arrested in November because he did not have his / her. describes his salary for eight years.

The Nissan chairman's case is now particularly important after the Japanese company has been in a position; Identifying the power in one activity is one of the reasons why Gosn can make his compulsory misconduct.

The designation has been describing whether the new French Renault chairman, Jean-Dominique Senard, would be the chair of a Japanese automaker.

The Nikkei report follows that the governing committee said in a statement that the division between work and guidance over issues discussed on 15 February at the third meeting since its inception in December after to arrest Gosn.

The panel, which includes three board leaders outside Nissan and four third party members, make recommendations to the Nissan board in March on how they will tighten regular regulation and approval processes for matters including compensation and chairperson's election.

A spokesman for the committee said he could not comment on possible proposals before being sent to Nissan. Nissan did not reply promptly to an e-mail request to comment.

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