Not sorry; of migration has been solved by physical barriers, the pope says

RABAT (Reuters) – The Pope Francis said on Saturday that there were real "migrations" crying out to heaven and that he could not be cured by physical obstacles.

Francis, who was embarking on a two-day trip to Morocco, supported Moroccan King Mohammed VI's attempts to spread the shape of Islam which promotes inter-faith dialogue and refusal of violence in the name of God.

In recent months, migration has re-emerged in national political debates in a number of North African and European countries and the United States.

President US Donald Trump has promised to fulfill an undertaking to build a wall next to the border with Mexico and on Friday may finish at the end next week if Mexico did not stop inward migration. to the United States.

“Migration will never be resolved by building barriers, frightening others or supporting those entitled to lead a better life for themselves and their families,” she added. Francis said at the reception service.

“We also know that reinforcing the peace is right through trying social justice, which is vital for rectifying the economic imbalance and political unrest at the same time. he argued and made an impression on the whole of the humanity, ”he said.

Morocco has been the mainstay of the movement of African migrants trying to reach Europe after the migrants who have closed the paths or blocked other routes. An in-house minister against Italian immigration has closed tunes to save vessels run by charities.

Francis, who has protected the migrants and refugees as a key part of his preaching, said he was worried about “the people who are often victims of murder” and countries that receive it must acknowledges that migrants were forced to leave their homes because of poverty and political turmoil.

From the airport to the center, Francis, 82, was driven by a white popemop on a busy day when the king rode 55-years-side beside him standing in another carriage, an old 1969 disaster. open summit Mercedes 600 Pullman.

In the afternoon, the pope again spoke of moving by visiting a shelter that was run by the Church. He shouted to a “big, deep deep” that he continues to influence our world at the beginning of the 21st century. A bottom that strikes out into heaven. ” T

He said immigrants and refugees had “rights and respect” that were “independent of their legal status” and that host communities should refuse “all forms of discrimination and gyrobobia”.

Francis and the king visited an institution set up by the monarch to train mine and train male and female preachers from Islam.

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Morocco, which is almost entirely Muslim, has been raising itself as a glossary of religious suffering in an area ripped by militancy. He has offered training for Muslim preachers from Africa and Europe on his expressions of Islam.

Francis, who first made a pope trip to Morocco in 34 years, praised the monarch for “giving good training for engaging in all sorts of consumerism, which often causes”. T violence and terrorism, and at least, crime against religion and against God ”.

Narrated by Philip Pullella; Edited by Edmund Blair and Marie-Louise Gumuchian

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