Ossur Hf: Interim Report Q4 2018

Declaration without. 7/2019
Interim report Q4 2018
5 February 2019

Major events

  • Grow a 12% retail sale in local money in Q4 2018, 4% organic sales increase and a 9% growth report. Retail growth of 7% in local money in the FY 2018, growing organic growth of 5% and 8% grew.
  • The stripptic sector grew 6% rich in Q4 2018 and the B & S division grew 3% rich. Growth in all business sectors can be identified as a result of a strong sale of high quality innovative materials.
  • The total profit limit is 64% in Q4 2018 compared to 63% in its & # 39; comparative verse. The rise is driven by a positive impact from changes in a variety of products and savings from the ongoing efficiency initiatives. There was a surplus of profit in FY 2018 to 63%.
  • EBITDA level before there were 20% special features in Q4 2018, similar to the & # 39; comparative quarter last year. Changes in a variety of products, savings from the ongoing efficiency initiatives, and EBITDA's cash movements have had a positive impact. The impact of OGEX has adversely affected EBITDA and its recent benefits. EBITDA level was too special in FY 2018 to 19%.
  • Össur made four benefits in 2018. Three of the jobs were carried out in Q4 2018, and two operating awards did not affect operating activity in Q4 2018. The annual total sales of the Four clearances amounting to around USD 70 million. Revaluation of the previously purchased sectors has been revalued, affecting the effectiveness of its partners with USD 17 million in Q4 2018.
  • The net profit grew 47% in Q4 2018 and up to 20% of sales. Growth in EPS was up to 48% in Q4 2018. Total profit growth grew by 38% in FY 2018 and 13% sold.
  • Money was generated by strong jobs in Q4 2018 and it was 18% of sales. Money generated by transactions to 15% of sales in FY 2018.
  • Össur acquired its own shares 726,566 through the ongoing shared purchasing program for 5 million USD in Q4 2018. In FY 2018, Össur received 5,430,259 of shares for USD 26 million.
  • The Board of Directors will recommend a & # 39; Annual Meeting in 2019 that Össur receives a cash share of DKK 0.14 per department for 2018, an increase of 8% from DKK 0.13 per department for 2017, and all departments bought in 2018 to 5,430,259 departments.
  • The financial guidance for the full year 2019 is 4-5% of the sale of organic, ~ 23% EBITDA outside specific items *, 4-5% CAPEX sales, and an effective tax level of 23-24%.

Jon Sigurdsson, President & Chief Executive, said:

"We have passed all our management parameters for the year and for the next three years, we have grown our pesticide section over market growth. growth drivers have performed well in both the stages of prostitution and terrorism and support, as well as strong growth in emerging markets. With favorable changes in a variety of products and savings from the ongoing efficiency initiatives, we can increase our profit during the year. "

* Guidelines for EBITDA edge before specific features come into the impact of & # 39; IFRS expectations 16. Exposure the IFRS 16 impact, it is expected that the EBITDA edge ~ 20%. See more information in the financial management section for 2019.

Information about the Q4 & FY 2018 conference

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