Out of a pair screen, Indrajith is pressed in a TN signal


Since recently, B Indraith's B & B; there other Twin baba His brother, Aparajith, is the most-known name, because of # 39; and it was the benefit of the Indo-European Sub-19 World Cup in 2012, when he was the Match Manager in the final and final rounds. Then Aparajith set up himself as the main band for Tamil Nadu in an domestic cricket.

Six years on, there is a slight turn. Indrajith, who is very strong in the unnamed World Cup name, is now a captain of Tamil Nadu and his granite. opposing the state's batting.

Indrajith's rise began on the past season, when he met forty of the Duleep Prize and later made a remarkable 152 against Mumbai at BKC land. In both investments, he put his tail off and he gave him a risk.

After taking the spinning into the Tamil Nadu order, Indrajith won an award with the captain of the captain of the side. But your shoulder would have long-handed injuries out of a large lump of a home week of 2017-18. When he returned, he met a hundred years in the Duleep Award in August this year and followed 401 episodes in nine exhibitions at an average level of 66.83 and a strike level of 107.50 in the Vijay Hazare 50- out. After that, it was taken to the skipper and was marked by 103 against the Madhya Pradesh face in the Tamil Nadu Cup Ditterig in Dindigul.

"Given that he is a couple of people, it's easy for people to compare. He started his play in India; things were not too different but people were likely to be & # 39; comparing more. I was something new to me, it was a bit difficult, and it helped me to grow well. That made me realize that we have two different crops and individuals. "

Indrajith compared to his brother, Aparajith

"I've been doing well in a home cricket last year but I needed to last last January's operating assault as I've been carrying the shoulder for a long time, "said Indrajith to ESPNcricinfo. "Playing in the shortest forms, you must throw the ball and field. You can not play without throwing. I heard the cricket rod after three months after the surgery . I did not have this long break without playing a cricket and it was a bit tough but I helped to spend time with friends and family to get rid of the struggle. By & # 39; revitalizing at the National Cricket Academy (NCA) in Bengaluru and Chennai, I encouraged myself.

"I was still weird at first and I felt a bit different to start this season because I was coming back from the easiest opening of my career. I was good in Duleep Award, however, and I was in the Vijay Hazare rhythm and gave up I believe I'm closer to play a higher level of cricket. I was in the India Herring to face Australian tourists in 2016-17 but I did not play. I'm not part of India's New Zealand Tour Team but I & # 39; feeling that I have been affected and I am getting closer to India A, if I continue to perform it consistently. "

However, however, he did not have a lot of grain for Indrajith during his early years. Although Aparajith suddenly came to an end after winning the Fo-19 World Cup, Indrajith, who was involved in simply choosing his / her choice; Missing a final cut, released by the company for six months.

"His parents asked me to deal with the situation," said S Balaji, who was a Railroad player and paired personal coach. "Inder was allowed to drop down by a sub-19 casualties and I could read on his face that he was upset. I had one-to-one sessions with Inder, I tried to I had a few ideas, and changed the subject. I met him that I could see the disappointment of his face, and gave us about six months to get the right Inder. "

Aparajith had the first Ranji prize for Tamil Nadu at the age of 17 in November 2011, before the Sub-19 World Cup. Indrajith had to wait another two years to go to Ranji side. While Aparajith had been in & # 39; Invasion with India A and Chennai Super Kings in the IPL, Indrajith struggled to be in a position; lighting down in the Tamil Nadu XI. He clarified only 1124 running in the # 39; His first 33 shows in a cricket of the first class over three quarters, and began to get into his mind.

"I put too much pressure on myself, and I can not focus it," said Indrajith. "Initially, I had a strong pattern and I learned what I should do. I had a lot of focus on my numbers and putting the I doubt myself back. "

Continue comparison with Aparajith, but Indrajith is now getting enough to understand they are "two chricketers and individuals".

"Since the age of age, comparisons were always with Apar," said Indrajith. "Because we're a couple, it's easy for people to compare. To use the Under-19 World Cup 2012, we would play all competitions together and there was never a difference He started his play in India; things were not different but people liked to compare more. I had something new for me, it was a bit It was difficult, and it helped me to get better. That made me realize that we have two chricketers and individuals. He could play Ranji at first, I may take a competition First, we are both different, and we do not get any mistakes. Whatever others say, we can not go the same way across our roles but we will always to help each other. "

So who is the cricket better? "We're both just as good … but when it comes to FIFA on PlayStation, I'm the best thing," with Indrajith.

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