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Phoenix marching closer to the League Cup finals as David Davidson hamlets Newcastle | 1st Class A NEW

Wellington Phoenix has continued on finishing in the A-League season, putting Newcastle 4-1 back on top of David Williams's award at Westpac Stadium.

Making the first final in four years, Wellington have invented their view to revise their Sydney team or Melbourne Victory to get a third level result, and they would have to make a difference to the t to stay on the way.

Roy Krishna, a runner who had left to live, needed Williams, Williams needed to go up and he was quick to connect, with Sarpreet Singh to sweeping behind the defense Jets after just 30 seconds.

Williams' s striking clinical strike – the ninth target of the season – he left the Phoenix warden before Glen Moss inaccurate.

The 31-year-old manager was nearing completion, although Wellington would only take 1-0 as a half-time.

Williams put a 60-minute pinch – given two minutes later with Roy's poem end-Donovan – then executed a playful propagation in the 65th to add and practice it.

Sarpreet Singh 4-1 made it in the 73rd and Wellington was able to travel home.

They look at the more confident players, having 15 goals in their last three games.

Newcastle, in particular in the first half, had opportunities.

They should have given up the shields after six minutes, when Daniel Georgievski stopped the reputation when he was back for Jair with only enough room in the area for not turning the Brazilian player.

Both teams followed a creative match with Newcastle looking particularly dangerous from the dead ball positions, and the speed of Wellington through the defense extended the Jets.

The Moss and Kurto Filip keepers were kept busy, cheering Moss's excitement but dismissing Max Burgess's pity as the half-hour arrived t They are just minutes after Kurto to cancel a free offense from Dimitri Petratos.

The wild path followed from the restart, Kurto keeps a clean record with a fake visit and then saves it in the 53 minutes before Jets captain Nigel Boogard, Williams pulled down his hook.

Reporter Matt Conger advised the VAR, handing the punishment and Wellington got back the lead.

Wellington stopped in the first half of the season stopping when the defender Louis Fenton suffered a broken leg.

At the end of last year, the Jets hope to go down in the seventh place, five jumps from sixth place, Adelaide United.

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