Prince William asks for a consensus between shared communities on a visit to Belfast

The Prince of Wales tonight praised one of the Northern Ireland sports giants – and promotes a co-ordination between shared communities.

The Duke and Duchess of Chambridge visited the Empire Empire Hall in Belfast to celebrate the inspiring young people that make a difference in Northern Ireland.

They were welcomed by Dame Mary Peters, formerly the former Olympiad, already named on the Garter Order, as well as a number of young people from her trust group, which will help with to & # 39; Encourage young people with athletes and people with disabilities who are hoping to enter the sport.

Dame Mary, a North Irish sportsman, won a gold at the 1940s Olympic Penance at the Fellowship and founded a Mary Peters Trust charity charity.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will meet Mary Peters

William said that lessons could be learned from the great sport

She will be the Lady's Companion of the Order – the oldest and oldest British Order in Britain.

Bringing her a prize, William broke away from his speech to find her in the crowd, show that she is absent in the back of the church that is in her house; entertaining music events.

William said: "Where are you Mary, there you are, hidden in the background.

"Mary Peters is not just one of the sports legends in the United Kingdom …. Mary, where are you? Where is Mary away? You're behind Mary.

"Mary has also inspired generations after a generation to come together in times of trouble and work for her people – a lesson that I hope many of us learn from.

William took the stage and praised Dame Mary Peters

The two have made an incredible journey on the Island of Northern Constabulary

"So it was fitting today that Her Majesty Queen Mary has been appointed as a Member of the Garter Best Law – one of the highest honor in the United Kingdom . "

Kate and William broke away to take part in piping draw competitions – with the people who respected the two kings in a strong competition.

Stephen Bradley, manager or Empire said: "William's punishment was completely perfect.

"I was sorry, there are a number of application forms behind our bar and so if I ever want to let me take a line, Kate is also a keen friend.

Ceit helped her draw

"We are worried about coming here, it's great for us, for the young people they were here to celebrate and It has been a big round around the place. "

At the end of the night, Dame Mary told the royal couple: "They both believe in the country and are interested in trying to stop the gap between the back -therapy, disability and access to sport and the effects that may have existed.

"The Duchess and Duchess said that we need to plan more to help young people achieve their ability, whatever their backup and that something we can be behind.

"Belfast and the whole of the country bring a great deal of benefit to come here and raise the profile of our projects and thank them for that."

William was also behind her bargain today

Kate, with Missoni's gown, was amazing, and spent about half an hour with William. Talk to different groups of young people who have been taken to celebrate their achievements in the sporting and educational world.

Tara Anson-Cartright, former head of the charitable guard at Queen's University, Belfast, said: The Duchess told her about what she had liked to meet and take part in many day-to-day events.

She said: "Kate said everyone has been so friendly and has been the most spectacular day. It is clear that much is being done to help young people in this country and that is a good thing that whole. "

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