Roma dinner spent three and a half years ago for Anfield attack

LONDON (Reuters) – One of the AS MPs who attacked a Liverpool supporter outside the Anfield park opened the English language club last April, leaving bad bad spirits, to three and a half years at Court; Fiscal in Preston on Thursday.

Simone Mastrelli, 30, had pledged guilty to the attack of his three-grandfather Sean Cox, 53, before playing a game to play the first Irish League decisions between the two sides.

Judge Mark Brown said in bringing out the Italians, who was taken out of his & # 39; last month on a European Conduct Warrant, Mastrelli had killed an innocent person and his family.

As president of Roma Roma, James Pallotta, who contributed a personal contribution of $ 50,000 ($ 56,900) to tackle the medical and revival costs, explained April against the attack of Cox as "the most disgusting stupidity".

Cox, Shauna's daughter said, in a statement on the impact of the victims of the court that her father had gone to see her brother but "did not return home."

"After leaving the violent and unsuccessful attack on Dad in a bad situation. His messaging is unsure and we do not know how he goes on and that's really scared," she said.

"The focus is now to get the right care that it needs."

(Reciting Alan Baldwin, edited by Toby Davis)

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