Scarlett Johansson warns: paparazzi is in danger of another death like Princess Diana Film


Scarlett Johansson gave a warning of another event such as “Princess Diana” after finding out that a pack of paraparazzi had been found in Los Angeles.

A Hollywood actor said she was leaving a studio after she had appeared on the US conversation show, Jimmy Kimmel Live! a group of photographers saw her.

Johnasson said five cars with black windows operated red lights and put 'other drivers and pedestrians at risk' so the paparazzi could find out where she was and where she was exposed. her child.

Johansson warned that it was a 'waiting game before another person could be badly injured or killed, like a Diana princess'.

In a report, Avengers: Endgame star Johansson said: “The paparazzi regularly go to dangerous trips to harass the people they pick up.

“Even after the death of Princess Diana, the laws had never been changed to protect targets from the paparazzi without law.”

Johansson, 34, said she felt "my duty was a worried citizen" to visit a nearby police station.

According to local reports, the actor has not added any files and no crimes have been reported. Johansson asked paparazzi to be classified as "criminal stalkers by law".

She said: “Women across the US are stalled, harassed and frightened and universal law to combat stalking must take place at the very start of law enforcement negotiations.

In the USA, specialist news centers are protected under the first change, which puts the freedom of the media on it.

Different states have different laws, for example in California it is illegal to have images of well known children being quietly provided.

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