Sligo and Andromeda Will Collide In 4.5 billion Years, Examination Studies

Andromeda galaxy is the nearest galaxy neighbor. This photo was taken by Hubble and collected from 7,398 pounds brought over 411 telescope points. (The NASA, ESA, J. Dalcanton, B.F Williams and L.C. Johnson (Washington University), the PHAT and R. Gendler team )

A new study finds that it can take some time before the Boys' Walk with Andromeda comes. Based on the views of Gaia ESA's spacecraft, it looks like; Around 4.5 billion years ago.

Neighbor Galaxies

Previous estimates suggested that the disaster between the Milky Way and Andromeda could occur in 3.9 billion years. Now, analysis of the data collected by the Gaia space service has suggested that it will take place in 4.5 billion years.

In the new study published The Astrophysical Journal, researchers watched stars in the Milky Way, in Andromeda, as well as the # 39; Spiral Triangle. Accordingly, the two-party galaxies are around 2.5 to 3 million years away from the Sligo and are close to each other that they can interact.

Sligo and Andromeda disaster

By observing the individual star in the galaxies, researchers were able to find Andromeda and Spiral Triangulum rotation levels and, shows how the two galaxies have been moving through spaces in the past and how they are likely to move in the next billion years Next This gave them an estimate that the accident is to take place in 4.5 billion years and that it seems to happen as a housekeeper rather than having a # 39; fought on the head.

When this happens, it is unlikely that our own solar system will be banned because of the distance between the stars.


Messier 31, the name of Andromeda Galaxy, is the nearest galactic neighbor of us. It is better to be seen in November and can even be seen with the bare eye even with medium light pollution.

As it is so obvious, it is difficult to say who to find the galaxy. That said, was first reported in the year 964 book Book of Fixed Stars with the Persian engineer, Abd al-rahman al-Sufi.

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