T-Mobile relayed the Layer3 TV service as TVision Home


T-Mobile today took a step towards the new and emerging television service which will compete with cable companies and a “thin pack” such as Sling TV, YouTube TV, Hulu with Live TV, PlayStation Vue. , and DirecTV now. The company announced that it had been renamed Layer3 – the IPTV cable supplier it received last year – as Home TVs, and also includes a new channel package available for T-Mobile users have $ 90 a month.

For a short time, that price will be available to all TV terminals in the cities where the service will be available on April 14: t

  • Chicago
  • Dallas-Fort Worth
  • Longmont, Colorado
  • Los Angeles
  • New York City
  • Philadelphia
  • San Francisco
  • Washington, DC

T-Mobile says the time will continue to be available from Home TVs, but these are the only areas that can be made available quickly.

As to what Home TVs are offering, it is not long from what Layer3 already had. You can get a cable number that's quite the same standard as' over 150 channels, local broadcasting, regional sports and more. “Normal orders are made for HBOs and other networks. T T-Mobile says that the TV user manages AI and will propose exhibitions that are based on the time of the day or on your normal viewing practices. All home users receive a personal profile with their own personal recommendations and a DVR. (Everybody shares 1TB of a store.)

Photo: T-Mobile

At a launch, apps on TV appear for Pandora, iHeartRadio, and some other strange services. Netflix and YouTube come in later. T-Mobile says it will spread a TV app that allows viewers to see their live program anywhere in the home, but it's likely that you have a limited opportunity on the way – anyway, the contribution of Homeaches Home to third-party devices and devices. “later this year.” The cable box supports the Google and Alexa helper, and you can connect your social media accounts, if you are looking at Facebook photos or the album have a Twitter twist on your TV.

But is $ 90 a month good? T-Mobile says that the average cable or satellite satellite is paying an average of $ 107.30 a month. When the final case finally agreed, $ 90-for-everyone, costs TV $ 100, so you save under $ 10. Also, T-Mobile doesn't accept. of fees and charges in that advertised phase and therefore no TV meets the simplicity of plans without the company. (Price notes may be seen between 4 per cent and 20 per cent of the bill in total).

In addition, T-Mobile will give customers $ 10 extra for all the connected TVs that TVs run. If you have two TV, you are already over that $ 107.30. T-Mobile applications state that prices will not change as long as customers have to stay on their plan, and there is no need for a two-year commitment. That's good and good, but the bottom line is that there is nothing about worrying at TV at home prices or a massive upturn against what your local cable company provides.

The timing of TV TV comes when T-Mobile and Sprint continue to fight for the establishment of the union with a restructuring of the US's mobile industry. As you anticipated, T-Mobile is positioning the TV service and reviving competition that industry – pulling away from Comcast, Dish, etc – as a good reason to allow the merger. T-Mobile offers payments with current satellite contracts to customers of DirecTV and Dish with pre-paid card up to $ 500.

“While TV Homes Home is now using the broadband, TVision Home IPTV is designed for the future 5G where wireless broadband can be connected to your home's internet connection , ”Said the company in their news release. “And with New T-Mobile, we can do more for just the TV service. We can offer more choice and competition to millions of Americans for television and home broadband. Can't wait to stop cable that is not cable and to give millions an opportunity to crack the Big Cable forever, ”said Chief Executive John Legere.

This is only the beginning, according to T-Mobile. In the future, the company says that recording for TVision will be as simple as “downloading an app and encouraging it from a mix of home appliance or mobile phones – there's no need for an additional box or equipment) . “What T-Mobile really needs to deliver is if it wants to face competition today on internet TV services. TV TVs are a bit like a traditional cable, but the company has signed up to Viacom and others preparing for the coming.

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