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THope is always here. It is a business that consists of horses racing to be built on a & # 39; However, seldom sells dreams, so the settlers are very able to encourage themselves to make everything right, even as the bad news gathers.

On Friday there had been bad news in the form of three new promotional cases of football in an active race cabin, bringing the number to six. Racing professionals can be sure that all six horses are based in the same stable, which Donald McCain is based in Cheshire. The disease may not have been spread outside his garden. This may have been done due to one bad member of the vaccine against their flu vaccine, which is so many trainees; spend their expenses around this time of year. That would be much better than the other option, that this is a new virus strain to flu can be a & # 39; affecting existing vaccines.

Last night there was evidence that teasures could be so happy to be on their way from Durham to Newmarket's work. He gave the form of three samples from horses at the Rebecca Menzies garden, reporting that a racing governing body demonstrated EI symptoms. Menzies had miners on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, when they put in shoulders, and we hope they feel that they are only in style, with a horse from another 50 stables.

For the time being, regression could go back to theoretical on Wednesday but any issues that were reinforced at another side instead of McCain were at risk. In the meantime, the way in which it needs to get and its; Test samples from ninety-eight horses have been almost huge.

Glossary, based in Gloucestershire, Kim Bailey tells of his blog what he learned from talking to opponents who were not as lucky about their experience of the exams. "It was clear as soon as there was not enough swabs to go around and there may not be enough herbs," said Bailey.

"Personally I do not believe we'll race the next week. I believe we will race shortly after, and give thousands of mice on display to be clean."

But Bailey is more likely, with the spirit, or most of the trainees. "They're struggling, well," said Rupert Arnold at the Federation of National Trains. "It looks like they are all supportive of how it is being handled and is very committed to everyone watching the biosecurity guidelines. They are unhappy about being able to race do it now but the main thing is to protect these huge immaculate furnishings in the future. "

That feeling, that Gear activity is costly compared to what's likely, seems to be. After all, it would be common to lose a jump in bad weather for a week or more at this time of year; if EI can be seen in six days or even 12, the case will not be significantly damaged.

"The fact does not know if we can make a race next week," said Nick Smith Smith, spokesman for the Ascot race, who would Entertaining the feature chart next Monday if it is permissible. "It would be clear that this game would be a huge surprise but those things that engage in bad hardship coupled with their priority to keep this under control and movement.

"The BAN seems to have been completely in this way, they are going through the correct processes and we'll wait to see what happens. I do not think it would help anyone stress a timescale to learn when we can resume. "

At the same time, buyers can be responsible for responding to a very pragmatic response. Two British-based riders, Tom Scudamore and Sean Bowen, have been climbing for Sunday in Ireland, where there is a race. follow. Others have gone away and have organized a ski resort, as some people can not allow the weekend to pass without hitting the flies.

Feedback from Saturday from Ireland

It is a real game of the ITV team to give us something by clicking on it. jumping over to Ireland and four-racing screening from Naas. Very few politicians in Scotland are very familiar with their visit and & # 39; Perhaps that is going to British tipsters too, but an effort must be made. We can, after that, depend on an Irish race for a while.

In the Driscoll Handicap Chase, a case can be made for the 12-1 picture Dùin close (3.10), who was in charge of the course prior to his convention in the same race for a year ago. Jessie Harrington graduated later into National Charlie but could not get involved. It is possible to read the format this season like building it to another cell, and it's almost surprising that this can be better here.

2.10 Nah This looks very unsure, and two of the seven entrants are 100-1. Pravalaguna talented talent. She had been saying that she was in a beginner's case in Limerick over Christmas, although her fences were not very positive in the early stages. Baie Des Iles has a talent but this distance is half of her need.

2.40 Nah After an unbelievable leap, it was a good thing. there Band power into third third on his first visit in Cork in December. Just two weeks later, he was much more profitable at Limerick and could appear a little faster than Konitho.

3.40 Nah It seems to have helped move to the Shane Crawley garden There, who went well until he fell late in November and then hit 16 Clonmel's nine-half campaigns; last month. Man Cappuccino has a two-way commitment at a higher price.

12.40 Island of the Town 1.10 Icon for Sky Marshal 1.40 Point Advance
2.10 Pravalaguna 2.40 Band 3.10 Sunday
3.40 There 4.10 Face view

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