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The benefits of physical activity: they are learning them more likely to exercise

You may encourage what you read to exercise.

Regular physical activity will expose seven years to your life; The risk of diseases such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and chronic cancer and colony are significantly reduced; help to lead the blood, cholesterol and weight pressure; Keep your brain sharp whenever you are young or old; Strengthening bones and muscles; and reduce the problems of having a & # 39; developing mental health conditions such as depression and removing symptoms if they occur; do.

Try to remember that, because it can help you move: an Australian study has found people who are familiar with the real benefits of finding physical activity more likely.

"Most people know that physical activity is good for health. Many people are not aware of the special benefits of physical activity for health, and this special knowledge may be which will have a positive impact on the conduct of physical activity, "said Dr Stephanie Schoeppe's research director, a senior researcher at Centrallandland University, in a statement.

Schoeppe and her team made an online survey to study 615 Australian Australians about physical activity – what they knew about, and how much they did.

Almost everyone who understands physical activity is good for your overall health.

But beyond this basic level of knowledge, many would not identify the benefits of physical activity and the dangers of physical activity.

On average, participants can only recognize 13 out of 22 diseases related to physical activity.

As researchers expected, those who knew more about particular situations related to physical activity were significantly higher than those who did not know them.

More than half of the planned exercise did not know every week. (FYU, government management order at least 150 minutes of medium-sized physical activity and strengthen two sessions of muscle activities.) But that knowledge did not seem to be related to the amount of human activity.

The inspection has restrictions – women 's daughters; in most of the respondents (so the decisions would not be common to people) and a devolution of what physical activity they did (so that the data was incorrect ).

The study can not also ensure that learning about the benefits of exercising allows someone to do more of it, even though the researchers have a " conclude that the research "useful vision" carries out corporate activity.

The study is published in the magazine PLOS ONESouth Westerly

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