The Chief Executive of CBS will stand together Leslie Moonves to Expresses unlimited moon augmentation – Variety

Leslie Moonves, formerly chairman of CBS Chief Executive, who was released last year with genuine abusive allegations, has set up a new business venture that is intended to focus on & # 39; represent, distribute and & # 39; flowing.

Moons for Moon Rise Unlimited LLC to launch its & # 39; appears in filing to record the name of moonlight with the Office of the Secretary of State in California. The recordings were made on October 30 and November 1 and the New York Times was first reported on Friday.

A representative for Moonves refused to say. The recordings show a & # 39; First address to build a moon as 2049 Century Park East, one of the high buildings in the Town area; Town that is home to a number of lawyers. There were rumblings in this week's business that Moonves has taken office space in the West Hollywood area. The Times tell that Moonves has set up a shop at the official 9000 Sunset Boulevard tower.

The recordings also show that Moonves recorded the Moon Rise Technologies and Moon Rise Productions. Moon Rise Technologies is recorded on the one-page form as it focuses on "streaming and distribution services". A list of the Moon Rise gaming is a focus on "film and television production." It is a & # 39; Moon Rise Unlimited mentions "inflation services".

It is believed to have a CBS; Setting up your bill for the Moonves office space under its terms of leave agreement; his contract with CBS. The moon was erased in September among allegations of sex misconduct over many years from many women.

Moonves in a legal fight with the CBS over $ 120 million divide payments. Research within the CBS in December concluded that Moonves was burned for reasons and so it is not desirable to stop its & # 39; case. However, the CBS's duty had paid for an office space for Moonves for at least one year after joining the company, among other services, was also assured as part of its contract of work and the D & It can still be implemented; despite its completion.

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