The first black hole was built by baptizing Powehi;

The first black displayed in the photograph has been named Powehi & 39; by Hawaiian professor Larry Kimura, who was employed by astronomers who were involved in the project.

The fascinating image of the black hole, which is at the heart of a galaxy called Messier 87, about 54 million years ago, was released in six news conferences at the same time on Wednesday.

Powehi & 39 '; the Hawaiian phrase, which seeks roots in the Kumulipo, an 18th century Hawaiian cannton which describes a creation story, according to CNN.

The two terms of the song are combined in the name – Po & # 39; which means a dark dark well to be created, Wehi & 39; that is one of the different ways in which there are t explained in canvas.

"It is terrific that, as Hawaiian today, we have been able to build a longstanding connection with an identity, as displayed in the 2,102 lines of the Kumulipo, and to bring forward this valuable legacy for our lives. , "Kimura, Professor of the University of Hawaii, Hawaii."

"It is a great benefit to me and her descendants who come from the mud to have the name named Hawaiian for the first scientific test of a black hole. that we can continue to name black holes in the future from the Hawaii astronomy according to the Kumulipo, "he said.

There is a Powehi drawing, like a "paradigm movement," like a body like an ass, which a dark shade in the dark hole is said to scientists in a dark shadow. all around him. It shows the event horizon that is the end between light and dark around a black hole.

“This remarkable scientific achievement marks the movement of paradigm in our understanding of black holes, confirming the forerunner of Albert Einstein's Theory of Common Relativity and opening up new lines of inquiry for the t "Our European Commission sent out the picture after setting out the picture." t

More than 200 scientists were involved in taking the image, through the Telescope Event Horizon, in a project over ten years.

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