The IPPro magazine Merck will receive the patent of the US to a & # 39; proxy-CRISPR technology cover

Merck received the US patent of proxy-CRISPR technology cover.

The news, made on its website, shows that the US Party and Trade Office has a formal notification of its; licensed Merck's patent application that was a proxy-CRISPR technology cover yesterday (19 February).

The patent is a cover than Merck has a & # 39; proclaim a new genome editorial process that "makes CRISPR more efficient, flexible and special by opening the genome for a DNA change".

According to Merck, technology may help scientists to develop areas of the genome that are hard to access.

By sending her & # 39; The most recent CRISPR paintings include all the global CRISPR patches to 13. It includes the CRISPR patterns in Australia, Europe and China among others.

Udit Batra, Merck's Head of Life Sciences, said: "This is our first petitioner for CRISPR, and as a new starter of CRISPR technology, we will continue to cooperate with world-wide science to make sure that this power has the full power of the machine has been produced, carefully and attentively. "

"This is a good news for researchers in the US, because more generational options are now to accelerate drug development."

There are two CRISPR systems aimed at genome and working together. By simultaneously using two CRISPR methods, Merck said that this way could allow the visualization of individual CRISPR systems.

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