The rise in hipster colony In Europe


Last week, Gunter Nooke's German Commissioner of Germany said that European countries should be allowed to rent land and build and run cities in Africa as a means of having a # 39 ; affecting the extent to which migrations from Africa to Europe have been expanded. For Nooke, "free development" in these areas would allow African economies to create "growth and prosperity" and thus reduce Europe's attractiveness as a destination for migration.

The proposal has produced a mixed impact. Some are seen as a new economic proposal to protect a complex political challenge. Building on the economic arrangements; such as Special Economic Areas (SEZs) and Economic Process Areas (EPZs), they argue that this is the next step in the change in the & # 39; The idea that there are economic exclaves that protect businesses from a Losing the open economy is the best way to stimulate growth. Now, instead of jeans and sneakers, we want to make the best – or at least staff – by protecting them from genuine businesses and revenge of our communities.

Unintentionally, it has been a great deal. The word "colony" is raised, with critics arguing that Germany, notably, is the history of the history of society and ethnicity in Namibia, CamarĂșn, Tanzania and Togo, a legal authority Anyone to arrange such an idea. More widely, many African countries are still struggling to recover from the damage from European production. In many African countries, land tenure is still irregular and is covered to rich and often white mansions, generating economic exclusion generation. Many African economies have failed to overcome the fascinating economies, which have been the work that they have worked from their European ones. The violence of the population has still been present in Africa – should we talk about a new, wise colonialism that just hopes to do it; deal with European paranoia about potential black-haired assault?

The easiest way to get to the heart of what is wrong with this recommendation is to go back to basics – what is it? in colonization and why is it bad? The dictionary explains colonization as a "policy or practice of taking full or partial political control over another country that is run by colonists, and economically used". At the end, it's about to & # 39; benefit from a power disintegration to reorganize one society for the economic and social benefit of another: saying that the economic and social requirements of one society are more important than the others.

Therefore, Nooke's suggestion is fundamental to hipster colonization – trying to appeal colonization to preserve it in motion or ideological ideals while longing; as it is a request to return to a system that is are fundamentally related to a social and economic group. Many of the people who speak for this application do so in tight and agnostic terms, focusing on the economic dimensions and the financial growth that may exist and its potential; leaving the most important element – the people involved and their influence. Under this, it is helpful that people, and Africans not least, are the fully-certified people who are deserving of a whole life experience – Africans just have job opportunities or economic opportunities.

But not just human labor – we are complex, social and inter-related that can not be discounted to money only. "We do not want to be remembered that we are the indigenous and poorer people in the country we were born. These are the concepts of the Black behavior to & # 39: desires to get rid of the black man's mind before our society is being accused of uncomfortable people from Choca-cola and hamburger's cultural habitats, "said Steve Biko, who set up Black Black motion and light largest in anti-apartheid movement.

Biko was looking to have an impression and divorcing more about an economic breach process – even though that work was particularly specific to her. focusing on outsiders of land is very dangerous. There was also a likelihood of black people's mental disruption in South Africa. The apartheid system was about breaking spirits of black people so that they could be uncomfortable and even open to a system of political organization that kept them uncommon, without power and even shame in their home himself. There is a privilege about making one society for the benefit of another.

Unfortunately, hipster Nooke colonies are not only attractive if you give history and, indeed, truth. Some of the facts about migration to Europe can easily challenge the hidden buildings. Nooke is not at the heart of the economic and political weather that is going on. migrating as an attractive choice for African young people. What do they escape from doing so close to a particular death on her; sea, which is more attractive than home? Nooke has nothing to attack large land with Western secrets and the governments of the Middle East; of "war for fear"There is black black crime over the Sahel and downstream of Africa; it is an international political system that supports and maintains a devolution in & # 39 ; seek sustainability.

Then there is a simple number of cases. For one, most people who do not have a trying to migrate across Europe – they are from the Middle East. At the top of "migration crisis" in Europe in 2015, there were only one million people who had a " trying to get into Europe, almost 80 per cent from the Middle East and most of Syria – a country was destroyed by a war that Germany has. Continue to get a profit by selling your arms to the rule that those people run. If Europe is important to move migration, it should be heavy to stop war.

Largerly, Africa's cities carry out many of the actions that take place. Nooke's economic hedgerows bid to work. Private people are already able to obtain better resources, opportunities and representation than their country or country. This did not impede a migration stream. It has just made a difference of power between urban towns and the poor, so they are disturbing problems such as insecurity and state violence against the criminals who are criminals through a & # 39; protect the benefit for the smallest ones.

It is clear that European schools and universities are failing to go to; educating their students on the social, cultural and structural violence that could be done; make appearance. It's an interesting co-op that a & # 39; This conversation happened as a result of the death of an American missionary; trying to bring a peaceful, peaceful mission to the Northern Sentinel Islands in India. The Sentinelese, a last-time association with tourists in the early 20th century, responded to the unsuccessful attack with a bag of soldiers killed by the young man immediately. We remind us that Europe's colonialism is a "civilization mission" of Europe; Ultimately as an aggressive, violent process. Dehumanizing, neoliberal, hipster colonialism is so liberally and uncritically that it is easy to do; Find out what makes a colonial politics.

Human transcription across the Mediterranean is much more likely and requires a strong, co-ordinated and collaborative effort to solve. But we can not give up fact and history as long as we do; Thumbnail on old policy changes has been transcribed in a modern language, such as these half-way solutions cause the problems we are trying to solve. At the end, there is still a hipster colony and Nooke's suggestion; Remember that we need to republish people in policy making – we can not just make money – and that the way to solutions is possible; Simply start reading history book.

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