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There are public pressures after the Congo election raises Ebola reservation alarm Agricultural Tasks

LONDON, January 14 (Reuters) – World health teams protest the world's largest Ebola disease in the Democratic Republic. Chongo fears that election debate can be a serious problem of public dispute and his / her; allow the disease to run out of control.

Improving confidence in health authorities is essential when they are in a position. Fighting disease that can be spread quickly through communities where there are local squid services and often patients are afraid to come to government or international teams.

"When you have political instability, the health of the public is always suffering," said Jeremy Farrar, a wound-infective disease expert who recently visited the Eastern Congo by the Health Organization's management team of the Earth.

Without public trust, he said, Congo's disease could kill many of the hundreds.

President Joseph Kabila B & B; In the election of 30 December, Congo's first democratic democratic movement should mark after 18 years of changing regulation.

But there are allegations about fraud and want to report a more unavoidable threat and the leader of the challenge, Felix Tshisekedi, was fired as a winner.

"The worst situation is that there is still political imbalance, that reliance is growing … and then there is nothing to stop the disease to be established in the center of urban and casting out in the West Africa, "said Farrar.


At present, 385 people were killed when Ebola started in the south of Chongo, which started six months ago and has been preserved at least 630 people, according to WHO data. The rate of death in this disease – with the largest Chongo is seen, and the second largest in the world in history – over 60 per cent. Ebola is spread through communication with a fluent body. It causes discharged fever with a major decline, diarrhea and a & # 39; erosion. Broken crash in the Kivu North and Ituri areas.

Some of the numbers of cases in the North Kivu town in Beni are higher, but WHO experts are aware.

They say that those who are sick can be as they seem to be sick; become ill but do not seek proper diagnosis and treatment.

Farrar was screened on the West African Ebola which is mentioned two years since 2014. He sent 28,000 on him and killed more than 11,300 people in a disease that destroyed Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea and spread in hard cases to a number of African countries as well as the United States of America and Europe.

The WHO says that the risk of spreading disease is still "very high" at national and regional levels and is working closely with Congo and its neighbors – Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan – to do everything to avoid it happening again.

WHO spokesman, Tarik Jasarevic, said 25 million people have already been proven for Ebola at border checks with the Chongo neighbors. Immunization initiatives have also begun for health workers in Uganda and South Sudan.

Jasarevic also said that there are a number of risks on the ability of teams to find, cure and prevent Ebola's possibilities for the situation of the Congo, particularly worrying: "Benefits can be lost if we are Suffering time uncertainty, "he said. (Reciting Kate Kelland; Editing by Andrew Cawthorne)

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