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There's also darkness on web pages in Chrome for Android

Observers of dark modes have already been rejoicing in Chrome's release for the Android version itself in a dark mode, since we will show an early version of 73 Chrome beta. In that demo, it's not just the same UI Chrome that was screened, but Google has a great deal of intent for a dark mode. web browser on Android. A new code will change that Chrome for Android will keep track of web pages themselves when they are; Use the darker mode of the browser.

Between to include a dark mode in a variety of Google apps and its & # 39; a systematic dark system across Android Q, which includes dark applications automatically that their darkest mode is not clear, the clear dark mode for Google is clear at -year.

One of the most promising apps to get a dark way to make sure Android is Chrome. When we first debated for Chrome design for Incognito that inspired Android for a dark mode that did not change the browser's interface, but readers compared to "Night Mode."

Available for more than a year now, Night Mode offers your favorite website and changes to be darker and so easier for the eyes. Chrome may also Android to employ a similar strategy to its & # 39; a very dark mode, according to a new code change that was released tonight to Chromium & Gerrit phone code management.

The change is adding a new Chrome banner, # comas-android-web-contents-dark-mode, whose name is just to make it reasonably clear. A deeper digging, we can see some of what the new banner will be; do.

When the banner is enabled, the option is thrown in Blink, the Chrome underground engine, called "force_dark_mode_enabled". This option, beneath the hill, tells Blink whether he uses some of the "conflicts" situations that enter. These high conflict situations should change directly to the color of some aspects of web pages, and as they are commonly used for accessibility purposes, they are designed so as not to affect performance.

Interestingly, the recent Dark Blink mode of the latest additions that was created earlier this month to support Android Android's new Android browser and respect your "night mode" settings Pie. That means that both Chrome and Android will be Android and WebView; They also leave dark web pages when they are in the dark ways themselves.

A new dark Chrome verification method should initially reach the web on Chrome Canary in the days ahead. As well as Android WebView, we may not have seen so far WebView bìa for a further few weeks, possibly in version 74.

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