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True reason why Jeremy Kyle helps Danniella Westbrook and her; reviewing the revival

Danniella Westbrook has been under review with the help of his old friend Jeremy Kyle.

The old star EastEnders, which appears on its & # 39; Today's ITV program, started under three months of trying in a final dash attempt to go to # 39; hitting her drug exercise.

But why does Jeremy emphasize her help?

Everything started back in 2012 when Danniella appeared on his show to make some credit about drug use.

The star said that she was taking a couple of grams of cookie a day long; She was pregnant with her son Kai and made herself a line of the drug while she was; birth.

Danniella is presenting Jeremy Kyle's Presentation today

Danniella, who had been so badly ill, was so bad that he destroyed the septum of her nose, she asked everyone in the exit delivery room so she could Class A drug

She said: "I was in a terrible situation."

After Kai's baby was born, she continued to drag her cocaidh and her. Memories of a terrible situation when he had to save it.

"I had a cocktail offenses and my three year old son tried to take the Mars to my mouth, trying to make me come."

Danniella said she realized she could kill Kai and even want to take off social services at one time.

They are good pals

Now, she has shown that she has started 10 weeks of drainage to help her clean it again.

She said on Twitter: "The first day in the 10-week program that will change my life will inspire me and I'll always give these tools to & # 39 ; I felt like I was in the last four years …

"I have never looked back."

And she said that Jeremy helped her to make her decision to go back to medicine.

She said: "For those who want to send my son, Jezza, to show her, who gets out in the morning and that I'm kindly sent me 2 re- animated for 3 months.

Danniella was exhibited in 2012

"I am grateful and I'm glad I have the opportunity to have the free drug world I received for 14 years.

"You played 4 your support."

Although the exhibition will be released later today, it was recorded in advance on Monday, when Danniella saw his studio.

It is a well-known edition of The Show Jeremy Kyle and is also a star star Paul Danan among others.

* Danniella will appear on Jeremy Kyle's Presentation at 9.25m on ITV

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