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Unpaid allowance: Not to cancel all sources in the US

Payless ShoeSource is to close all the stores in the US – 2,100 across the country and in Puerto Rico – and which could be a # 39; return for a breach.

The company has announced the news to CNN Business on Friday and, they opened on Saturday. Advocacy started the next day and continued through May, a spokesman told CNN, although some of the stores will start in March.

There are several reasons for the decline of Payless. As the New York Times notes, the basic brick-and-mortar stores are a Payless strategy, which may have damaged sales now that a number of customers prefer to & # 39; online shop (It is worth noting that Payless does not close its online source as well as blocking its physical sources.) The sellers are larger than that; used as "resources" that bringing people to venues and other shopping centers, they are racing football traffic for smaller stores with more specific donations such as Payless. The casualties also had a casualty troubles to compete with other commercial stores, notably those who are in the competition. Sale of branded brands of precious brand names, as well as Amazon and Zappos.

It is not clear how a discounted shoe retailer shows a break in an effort to reduce some of his debts, such as Toys R Us and Sears. (Toys R Us started to disperse at least: Sears, at the same time, escaped from melting with CEO CEO, bassist Eddie Lampert, who had a poor management of the company one of the main reasons that followed his dementia.) Unpaid before breaking in April 2017 and 400 stores in the process closed, but like CNN's and # 39; Noting that, this move was not enough to save its company from the direct financial situation.

Payless does not close all its sources, however: A spokesman told CNN Business that does not affect its international rights and American American sources. If you are living in the United States, you may have been the months; It may be your last chance to catch a pair of Payless shoes. If you do not feel that you are in a position; catching international fly, that is.

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