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WHO: A deadly plague breaks out on the border of Uganda-Congo News

A deadly form of a plague has broken out of the Uganda boundary with Congo's Democratic Republic (DRC) and it is thought that several people have died of the disease, an World Health Organization said earlier this week. T

The group of health workers recommended Uganda to ensure that they were suspected of a phneumonic plague, which the WHO usually describes as a death if it is not found early and treated with antibiotics.

Uganda's health ministry reported on two possible cases of illness in the Zombo area on 5 March after a 35-year-old woman died and her 23-year-old was reporting similar signals, t the WHO in a report.

Another research showed that the woman had died in the town of Atungulei in the Ituri region of the DRC, and that her child was 4 years old beforehand. When she saw that she was ill at the funeral of her child, her relatives took her to Uganda for healing.

The cousin's symptoms highlighted a plague and there was an early test test for the disease. Some additional samples were sent to the forthcoming Plague Uganda Laboratory in Arua. The patient was improving steadily, the WHO report said.

Around 55 people, including 11 health workers and people who took part in the burial of the dead dead, were identified as high-risk informants and were monitored.

According to tradition, three more people died in the CHRA, while the WHO said, and local authorities were investigating. T

Felix Ochom, epidemiologist told WHO, told Al Jazeera the danger is a matter of concern, he is under control.

"From the Uganda perspective, we are working closely with the Ministry of Health and local health authorities in the Zombo area," he said, speaking from Kampala.

"You can handle it and the suspicious position we have identified in the Zombo area is handled and developed well."

Standing & steady location; side of Uganda

The religious pilgrimage is in the DRC, Madagascar and Peru, according to WHO.

Congolese health authorities already fight a great deal of Ebola further south in Ituri and the Kivu North regions.

Ochom said the struggle on the side of the DRC would be "more difficult than the difficult situation", against that the case on the Ugandan side is "fairly stable".

Pneumonic plague is caused by Yersinia pestis bacteria, usually found in small mammals and their fleas. Humans can be accepted through flea bombs, an unprotected link with bodily wheels or contaminated materials, and can include drugs or small pieces from a patient with a pneumonic plane.

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