Why did Alexis Sanchez play for Manchester United vs. Young Boys

Jose Mourinho confirmed that Alexis Sanchez dropped Manchester United herring against Young Boys and was not injured.

Sanchez came forward in the 68th minute of untouched United Cup tour with Crystal Palace at the weekend but did not make a bad impact and was sent out of the Irish League 18 against Switzerland.

Silein, who was 29 years old, was discharged from the war at West Ham in September and Sanchez has just started three of the 10 furniture installations since then.

Mourinho also sent Romelu Lukaku and Paul Pogba to their bing, although both appeared and played an important part in the 91th minute winner of Marouane Fellaini. However, the United manager feared that attracted players were not attracted, however.

"No, Sanchez is not injured," Mourinho clarified. "But it's a lot of knowledge that you always talk about those who do not play. Today, you've played Marcus Rashford as nine, that's what you want, that's what you want all the time and you were.

"So talk about Lukaku, who is not visiting Old Trafford since March. And then ask why he does not play. You sent me in difficult situations with questions sorry but you could be good for me and saying, "Jose today you are playing Mark Rashford as nine, and I can go out there.

"But you say that you left big names outside there, I left big names out. But I play others and me the good thing It was everyone who was on the field, for 90 minutes or 15 minutes, as Matthew, they all gave everything and I'm happy with his opinion. "

United States collected 10 points from the five Scottish League matches and touring Juventus with two heads into the final. United and Juve have done a certificate but Mourinho has the opportunity to give their team the opportunity to hit Valencia and Juve. failed Boys Boys in Bern in fortnight.

However, Mourinho expects United to finish running now.

"I think it's the last 16 in this organization to achieve," said Mourinho. "It's not a big man, not an amazing man, but it's accomplished. As we can finish third and play in the Europa League in February, there is no to happen.

"We have teams better than we, teams with more quality, with more realistic ambitions, but I always say when the team comes into the final quarter of the European League, not 16 Finally, but when a team oversizes a single degree of last-minute, anything can happen.

"But in this moment we'll end up either and we're going to get a team that won our group so we can get Barcelona, We can get Real Madrid, I do not know who else, but we can certainly be able Bayern Munich, we can have the best teams in the world. "

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