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South Africa is negotiating an oil contract with South Sudan, Energy Minister Jeff Radebe informed the media of his report that South Africa was speaking to a $ 1 billion billion freezer create in Africa's newer country.

Radebe said that the negotiations with South Sudan were not limited: Cape Town was trying to reduce the rate on which it was costing the oil prices to be saturated by way out in t with other countries such as Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea too.

South Africa is currently totally dependent on imported imported crude oil, but most recently a French name Full of potential marine discoveries may have been extracted from the coast. equals 1 billion barrels in total.

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“It is gas gas and light oil. Usually gas. There are four other opportunities to train us; around a billion barrels of whole gas and heat emissions may be around 1 billion barrels, ” t Total Patrick Pouyanne Chief Executive said at the time.

At the same time, Sudan South, which is home to most oil resources in the old united country, is committed to starting their oil after a devastating civil war that has not ended. completely still.

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Before the outbreak of the civil war, Sudanese put out 350,000 pounds of raw pounds, but now the output was 180,000 phd. Plans have been increasing to 270,000 pd and are finally bringing back the pre-war return rate. The country assesses oil reserves with an estimated 3.5 billion barrels in 2016.

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Reports on a $ 1-billion refinery contract with South Africa were shown earlier this year, saying that Cape Town had already spent close to US $ 1.4 million (20 million Rand) on the delicate project . Radebe and the government have been criticized by legislators for making the case private. The Minister did not approve of the criticism that everyone was “Above the board” in South Africa's oil and gas negotiations to South Sudan.

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