WWE SmackDown Live live, recycle, concepts (5 February, 2019): A Chasing the Champ

Before I go on this route with my review, yes, Brock Lesnar is the mummy horrible. It's very amazing when Raw is regularly. I agree that they are all right, right?

Good. Because that's my good, how updated when we get a program like this one where the theme of the show was about to go around it; tallest warfare?

First of all, I thought Daniel Bryan officially dealt with in Seattle. They did not try to make it an offense in front of his people; that place, he did Seattle right heel with him! Ah, my people! The people that are interesting and getting what I'm doing are; trying to do. Unfortunately, the world is not so fast for yourself, but fortunately you can help me, right?

Bryan got her beauty, indeed. And it is also confirming how far the "better" rabbit hole is obtained. Erik Rowan said that he was a promo by saying what they are doing; try to do it with "the best goals" and inspire anyone who does not; just believe what they are doing. Without a dangerous logic and something that is commonly used in modern times.

(On the way, Rowan is, you have to stop the shirts of a band that I enjoy if you want me to give you. If you wear Eluveitie shirt The next week, I'll try to make a real life. They would also respond to the pro-earth argument … hmm.)

In terms of the candidates for Bryan's title, Mustafa Ali is killed. He had a game with Randy Orton on this show where he had to fight up to a hill to get in. Orton received a good response from a section of the population and Ali made an amazing work to bring some fire and her. get the crowd on her side. That sun of course He helped his folklore, by the way. The only thing that I say is that it can make a little more creativity of crime, but I think that's going to the Chamber.

How sick was the high stroke break to try Orton for RKO, with the way?

In terms of the rest of the campaigns, AJ Styles is a & # 39; quiz Jeff Hardy's place inside the Chamber and Samoa. Joe is a non-wild maniac who can do anything for her visit. This game for a Medicine Room is amazingly coming forward, and everyone who has a great time to come forward. click right now.

What can happen when the main broadcast is around, eh?

The Rest of SmackDown Live

Becky Lynch will attack another leader – Yeah, I doubled my suggestion that Lynch is in a position; Behavior as she is currently because she is vulnerable. He strives to Stephanie and Triple H just to try to confirm himself that she is right when she is not clear. I enjoy how Triple H was currently attacking her, however; he would not have been aware that he had the same way his wife had after Lynch met her.

I think this works a lot better on SmackDown than it is; do Raw because there are many more fireplaces in SDL those days, is not it? A bit of my sadness on Raw last night; there was no fire, which usually comes from someone like Lynch.

Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura def. The Club – It is a real thing that the Club is going to do; get the revital they can do despite being & # 39; do anything like that … year. That's just how talented they are, honestly, and it shows what category SmackDown better team team is; there. Rusev and Nakamura started on the same page at the end of their game, so I would expect them to go into the department for a while.

Andrade is to kill the legend of Rey Mysterio – I pretend that we would have received more from Andrade / Mysterio Feud this week, but I can not complain too much. The framework here is good, anyway; Andrade needs to set Mysterio for rising visibility. And it's like that, is not it? I would not be surprised that Andrade was astonished. do so before moving to Raw in splitting up and moving up to # 39; card.

Where is Asuka? – – I do not know what I think of Asuka to be away from the television for two weeks. I know they want to keep Lynch away, but I mean … she was Try to play Lynch clean at the Royal Rumble. It's hard to treat him like that. And there are options to just talk about Lynch, you know; game against local talent, to frighten someone back …

Gheàrr na Usos promo – I like this promo! They were promoting the "McMiz TV" section next week with the camps by saying that, the camps are becoming friends very quickly. But that relationship has not been truly and clearly demonstrated, Usos has the benefit of that. I thought it was good enough to add to & # 39; game they needed.

Fire and Desire def. Na IIconics, Carmella, and Naomi – The game was good. He was thrown together to encourage the game Abolition of Women's Room and was just like on this show. Good for moderate entertaining. Mandy Rose once again got Naomi again to kill her death.

This was a strong show! Do not get me wrong, nothing was "he could not lose", but we got strong stories and got up for the men's Games for Disruption Room.

Without saying, these exhibitions will have to start on big bats when we come closer to WrestleMania. I do not have to continue the stages, but I do not want to. Trying to start doing so if WWE can not start to & # 39; take forward expectations.

Level: B

What do you say, Cageside?

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