Yassuo criticizes Tyler1 for witchcraft

Today, this is the final day of a $ 10,000 bet between Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp and Moe “Yassuo” – and the heathers are heated between the two climbers. The bet began on 5 March where the two strikers made a promise to find out who would have a higher standard League of Legends by the end of March. The winner will get $ 10,000 and bragging rights.

Recently, Tyler1 has been getting problems getting games, which affected his status League. In some cases, he has come to his head and viewers have seen scenes of the inhospitable version of Tyler1. The biggest problem is not Tyler1's comment, however, and came down from his audience.

Yassuo recently took his first flight out of his own flow when he entered the playing room of a well-played player Tyler1. Michael “bigfatlp” Tang, formerly of the LCS player was under top teams such as the GAA and FlyQuest, playing Brand in one Tyler1 game and he was experiencing hard time with one dead and seven deaths 22 minutes later t for the game. Yassuo believes that the parts of the Tyler1 community went into a bigfatlp's conversation room and started lighting it for how good it was.

Yassuo showed his point by returning back in a recent broadcast from bigfatlp and read what people said in his conversation. The standards included, like, “I see why you are no longer,” “includes a bit of a shit,” and other quieter agents. After showing his burns, Naassuo said “Tyler doesn't understand what he does?”

For now, the communities between Yassuo and Tyler1 are likely to be on the same level as $ 10,000 on the line. We hope, however, that the witchsets will end when the bet has finished.

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