Zimbabwe's Dream Officer is convicted of a Verbal Determination


Zimbabwe's court has been convicted of Tendai Biti, a famous defender politician for announcing his election party's winner in July.

Biti has been proven for "unofficial and misleading proof of products." His father Gloria Takundwa imposed a fine of $ 200 for the crime.

Biti fled, who was the principal lawyer for human rights, from Zambia to the nearby area in August announcing threats to his life. It was brought back to Zimbabwe a day after that and was arrested for a ban on the election law.

The opposition leader Nelson Chamisa and his party, the movement for Democratic Change, have rejected the result of the elections, saying that their election group vote to ensure that President Emmerson Mnangagwa is successful.

Zimbabwe has sunk deeper into political disasters and economic decline in elections, the first one that was held without the ruler of Robert Mugabe's ruler; before. At the same time both local and international communities were in a position; Viewing the elections is crucial to turning the country around decades of massage.

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