"Zombie disease" is a deer that enters the US and may be a " affecting people in the future, scientists warned warned


There are losing weight, corporate reduction and aggression, these are some of the indicators "Zombie Disease" which affects deer and has warned health authorities in the United States.

Accurate chronic disease (CWD) has spread rapidly throughout the United States and could affect future people, they said.

Michael Osterhold, director of the Center of Investigation and Invasive Disease Policy at the University of Minnesota, which warns lawyers of law; The fact that CWD could be dangerous to humans.

"There are persistent cases of cachexia disease in people involved in the consumption of meat in the coming years," The researcher said in statements represented by the Daily Mail.

In January, the Centers for Control and Disease Change (CDC) reported that CWD issues were reported in 24 United States states and two regions in Canada.

The disease that attacks the brain, backbone and outbound material. There are uncertain causes and most cases that lead to the death of animals.

It's not a new disease, there were issues from The decades of 40s were in wild animals and farms and recorded cards since 1960.

"The number of cases is important in important people and there are no remote incidents", spread.

So far, there are no signs of disease in humans, but a series of tests introduced in the CDC report showed that the disease can be drawn between animals, including primitive and mice predecessor humans, so warnings were given to people's potential danger.

For a University of Minnesota official, the mentally ill-mindedness depends on a number of things that compare it to "playing a genetic reel".

It is estimated that people are used annually 15,000 deer with disease and that amount can increase 20% annually.

There are diseases in animals that were broadcast to humans by throwing the meat that was; in the moment: the state of the "black cow", which caused the death of 150 people between 1980 and 1990.

The "white cow" disease is caused by a protein capable of converting people. At the height of the crisis, more than one million people all over the world.

The scientist told a "cow cow" case to make examples of the danger in the people of the CWD.

Colorado and southern Wyoming are the places where the disease was spread. According to CDC, once it is & # 39; go into your department, it is difficult to remove the CWD.

The health authorities warned that the disease could be in another unattended wildlife state. In addition, animals that are influenced by years do not have obvious signs.

"In a number of areas where the disease is established, disease rates can be higher 10% and rates Local disease has over 25% … The levels of infection among some deer can in a much higher depression, with a 79% level, "a CDC report warning.

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