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As gamers jump to the next thing in the world of play, ABX Legends, PUBG Mobile makers still have a & # 39; removing and trying to give something new to the new users who are trying to do something. look forward.

In a Capcom partnership, Mobile PUBG players now have the chance to destroy zombies of rods in a new promotional contract with the Resident Evil license (via VentureBeat).

After the newly renovated Resident Evil 2 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, Capcom floods & # 39; a royal royal game with zombies clubs. PUBG Mobile will now include a new Survive till Dawn method that will casting players against not only other skilled rescuers but to reduce their zombies' decline; the battlefield.

It did not make zombies an interesting part for Capcom, who introduced original Original Consular polygons and sent them to PUBG Mobile, but the studio also ran new zombie types into the game mode. As well as just building up the old man, people who live from Survive till Dawn mode will be able to; Resident Evil 2 knife solution which incorporates character motifs of Leon and Claire.

How a caption is a mode; mean, each day-to-day battery session and its # 39; move to the afternoon where the zombies are increasingly aggressive when they go sun sunk.

The new mode is now live for iOS and Android players.

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