Zombie's disease in wildlife – it's easy for people – Panorama


Researchers begin to initiate a warning of zombie illness – it is easy for people

A variety of zombie diseases spread among deer, deer and deer. (Image image)

A variety of zombie diseases spread among deer, deer and deer. (Image image)

Picture: Imago / Gold Man

  • Bloody disease spreads among wild animals in the US
  • The behavior of sick animals who reminiscent of zombies' behavior is terrible
  • The researchers do not delete people

Atlanta. Unusual infections still spread in the US. Deer, deer and deer are a particular impact. They suffer the name Zombie's illness, The

a & # 39; Zombie's illness A scientific name also: "Accumulative crude disease". Her symptoms are good to remember the horrible movie zombies.

Zombie disease is rapidly spreading among deer and deer

Therefore, the disease animals should show the following symptoms:

  • Indirect, inertia
  • Difficulty stress
  • Control control of body removal (removal)
  • Increase manufacturing
  • Piece gutting with the teeth

The disease was first detected in Colorado in the 1960s. At the same time, she has spread widely. Reports from 24 states in the USA and parts of Canada.


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Using cornea meat can be humane to humans

Unfortunately, he can not be ruled out that people can be infected too. Researchers have tried with monkeys by giving them meat from sick animals to eat.

After being spent, the mussels proved to prove the disease.

Parts of Europe also have a zombie disease impact

Even in Europe, the animals are not safe from the disease. Sick Elks has already been in Norway and Finland. In all cases, the disease is fatal. Researchers can not find cure so far.

Therefore, the Center for Controlling and Changing Diseases is a warning to hunters who do not eat meat from animals that are look sick or found dead in the woods.

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