ZSE opened its first station across ultra-fast R1 at Budka


Západoslovenská energetika (ZSE) is activating its & # 39; The first station cross-ultra-fast at the Slovnaft-filled station on R1 route in Budča. This is the first station cost of this type not only in Slovakia but also within the NEXT-E project.

In addition to Slovakia, the NEXT-E project includes Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, and Spain. Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Slovenia.

The Ultra Fast Fasting Center provides a quicker cutting of up to 350 kW electric vehicles, spending time is a huge cost and leaving electricity even for long trips. 15-minute cost to cover & electric vehicle of 400 kilometers long.

The tax station was implemented by Maroš Šefčovič, Former President of the European Energy Commission, other Commission representatives, Helmut Morsi (DG Move), representatives of the Minister for Economics and the Ministry of – Environment, as well as participants of the NEXT-E project and event participants.

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The NEXT-E project is funded by CEF of European Union, a tool to connect to Europe. Last year, the project received the largest grant from the European Commission to improve clarity for 222 high-speed stations (50 kW) and 30 fast-speed (150-350 kW) stations within the Europe.

The NEXT-E project will be built in Slovakia as a whole 25 tax stations, which include 18 fast cuttings and 7 fast rising stations.

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It is a strategic place in Budějovica through the middle of Slovakia, Thanks to the fast, fast, fast-moving technology connecting to the west and east of the Slovaks fairly. This technology is delivered 7 times faster in cost and so on; reduce the amount of time required to drive an electric car. The fast-growing station allows charging of all types of electric vehicles to be fast with fast tax bonds.

"We are involved in a number of projects that are building stations not only in Slovakia but also within a European place. In particular, I think the NEXT-E project is to be a key component in size, as we do building a tax infrastructure in the countries: Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia and Romania,"Russia Marian, a member of the ZSE Board of Directors, said.

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Vice President of European Commission Maroš Šefčovič said: "Today we have around 150,000 public employment stations in the Union, but we need to estimate at least 800,000 by 2020. A market for electric cars, such as a gusty pace and a close, reliable network of high-level employment stations, is important for the confidence of users in vehicles to discharge them and with unwanted vehicles. So I'm happy with such projects from the Post-Energy Energy Workshop. "

"In central and eastern Europe, the network has MOL's most accessible stations. The 2030 Strategy aims to meet the needs of people on the road and, as well as quality assurance, and the Fresh Corner gastronomic offer to expand the services in the area of ​​commitment. Thanks to the NEXT-E project, we can better meet the needs of users and add to our installation network,"Gabriel Szabó, the director of Slovnaft, said. The pumping station in Budch is the first one in which the Ultra-Fast tax center is installed.

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The NEXT-E project is an example of collaboration with four key companies in the electricity, oil and gas industries and two car makers. The companies of the E.ON Group (West Power Power Company in Slovakia, E.ON Czech Czech Republic, E.ON Hungarian Hungarian, E.ON Romania Romania), MOL Group companies (represented by branches in the six partner countries), Hrvatska elektroprivreda in Croatia, PETROL (in Slovenia and Croatia) and Nissan and BMW.

We, TECHBOX, welcome the actions to expand the network of tax stations for electric vehicles. Moving to electric cars seems to be a # 39; Increasingly, we have a chance to prove some of them. So, we consider a natural part of the development to building new buildings.

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