Zver finished the London fairy tale with a flat impact (VIDEO)


London – – Alexander Zverev Just second in his career, he took part in the competition of the top eight players of the season and played for the first time in the & # 39; final. The face Novak Djokovic, who completes the season in the ATP rates, despite the loss, tenth title and one fifth of this season.

Srb has shown one of the worst shows in the last time, although the Germans are one of the best. For his mark, he won the last moment with a remarkable beat, and later fell to the ground with fortune, he had to wait for a while and 21 minutes. There was a better beast in each statistical division.

In the final conclusions, Djokovic put the record on Roger Federer after him, and after that the same tennis player has six final winners in the final season competition. Shortly it became clear to him that Zverev would be a dark night tonight. In the ninth game of the first set, the Germans had to break, win in the first set to & # 39; come up with a game of high fans and three aces.

At the beginning of the second row, Zverev came rapidly ahead, and the first player and player of the world started into problems that did not; Djokovic got to climb. "Zverev played completely different days before group work. He got an impact. He is still young, but she already has a very good job. I want to do everything I hope that I have played for many years and will be measured by all those young players, "said Djokovic among others.

"I can not talk about the feelings. This is my biggest impact. First, I want to congratulate Novak. He lost one game here, in my fortune We spoke well to Novak, not just about tennis, but also about other things. I did not explain what. He added some of the titles with me. I appreciate that It has given me the chance to win, "is it good to please; Beasts.

London, ATP Results ($ 8.5 million):

Alasdair Zverev (Nem / 3) – Novak Djokovic (Serb / 1) 6: 4, 6: 3.

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