Zverev refuses Federer to go to; Fired 100th title at ATP boundaries


LONDON (AP) – After leaving one of the biggest winners to retire, Alasdair Zverev went to rest for a mistake that was not implemented.

Zverev refused to defeat Roger Federer with a 100th post title by hitting 7-5, 7-6 (5) on Swiss at the ATP Saturday evening to go on to the competition match against Novak Djokovic.

Federer managed to break the 4-3 outbreak and magnify the Zverev service point when a member of the ball at the back of the ball fell. Zverev immediately said that the error was stopped and the referee asked his / her; point to be rewritten.

Zverev was serving a pole before going on to close the games later.

"I want to make an excuse for the situation in the disaster," said Zverev, who welcomed some of the people when he was interviewing the court. "The member's ball allowed so, it is in the rules that we need to reconstruct the point.

"I have a little trouble about the whole situation because this is not what I wanted to complete."

Zverev is the youngest player of 21 to reach the final from 2009 and his first one from his & # 39; Germany since 1996. He supports Djokovic, a chorus of time, which influenced Kevin Anderson 6-2, 6-2 to expand his bilingual record at the competition to 7-1 .

Federer, 37, wanted to expand the seventh title, but did not; It can deal with the strength that created the power and shape of Zverev at the O2 Arena.

"He added (Zverev) my commitment to the net," said Federer. "I was like that," Buddy, close up. You do not have to do my excuse here. Congratulate great games and great competition so far. Everything best for the finals. "And you will move on."

A series of Zverev saddles succeeded in the first breakdown of the game in the 12th game and Federer sent a pre-sent message to the back.

Federer returned to scramble for 2-1 in the second set, but Zverev quickly got himself back to her. following game.

Zverev stopped being out of the fight to set up a 5-4 sting in the climber, and Federer took the simplest sequences that were ahead of her; game to bring game up.

He saved the first one, but Zverev put a supportive wiper driver to set up his top title and let Federer leave him; Waiting for the next season for his 100th title.

"In general, I'm happy about the season," said Federer, who built the 20th Grand Slam title at Open Open in Australia. "There are many things good. So I'm happy for the next season."

Despite the fact that only one season has reached Grand Slam this year, Zverev is the only player outside Four Greater of Djokovic, Federer, Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray who have won three Masters titles. But the main event of the tour would have a higher impact than those performances.

"Novak is currently the best player in the world," said Zverev, who lost Djokovic in his round trip. "You need to play the best game you have to do. I hope that I can do that tomorrow."

The Serb won his record that he had not lost a game or a game – at his competition when he attacked Anderson to allow himself to join Federer on six titles.

"I played very well at the level of the group against Sascha (Zverev)," said Djokovic. "But I do not think it was close to his best."

Djokovic won 20 out of 27 points on Anderson's second service when he broke South Africa twice in each set.

"I've played the best game I've played this week," said Djokovic.

After completing a two-year Grand Slam title, he stopped Wimbledon's finals, and Djokovic went on to go to # 39; winning his 14th prize at Open Open U.S. and he's already been in & # 39; Hunting stage 1 of the end of the year.

Djokovic won the 35-2 win from the beginning of Wimbledon, a competition that started on 21 years after a bad bed broke out on the first half of the season.

"It's amazing what he did from Wimbledon," Anderson said. "It seems that he's definitely right back to play some of the best tennis in his position."


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