Zverev will perform a service class class; shot by Roger Federer


There may be an inter-server during the session that was involved in the old man's tennis rescue after Alex Zverev challenged Roger Federer at 02 Arena.
What was the game last week to & # 39; finishing with a mixture of arm and boos, as did Germany 21 years old; 7-5 7-6 Swiss attackers before a crowd crowded to finish the weekend at Nitto ATP.
He will be against the Saturday winner of the Saturday night between Novak Djokovic and Kevin Anderson after he has been the most of his career.
The Germans felt their need to excuse their & # 39; court to the crowd after an incident in the crash when a point was stopped at 3-4 when Federer hit down the line since a ball had been circulated from a ballboy pocket.
He was disturbing Federer, although the rules were not followed but, and he made a harsh error then dismounted two matching points and then finished his & her; defeat 7-5.
First of all, I want to make my excuse for a & # 39; disturbing the water, & # 39; The German said after that, and the court appointee, Annabel Croft, told the people to travel.
"Let the member ball member so it is in the rules we need to reconstruct the point." Zverev added.
Now, Ivan Lendl has commissioned him, he has yet to do the last four of the Grand Slam but shows why he has been at that very low level in high competitions Highly promoted many of the earlier games this week.
Especially very interesting on the anti-poor side that could be weak, it broke to & # 39; Putting the first set and it came back from a & # 39; Breaking down the second one to make the split.

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